Shri Chaudhary Birender Singh
Hon'ble Union Minister of Steel, Govt. of India.

Secretary DO Report


Please note that Secretary D.O. report (March 2018 Issue onward) will be available only for subscribers of JPC MIS Report. For subscription enquiries, you may write to us at ""     

DO Report February,2017-18  Download    

    DO Report January,2017-18  Download        

    DO Report December,2017-18  Download    

    DO Report November,2017-18  Download 

    DO Report October,2017-18  Download   

    DO Report September,2017-18  Download  

   DO Report August,2017-18  Download  

   DO Report July,2017-18      Download

   DO Report June,2017-18      Download  

   DO Report May,2017-18     Download      

   DO Report Apr,2017-18     Download      

   DO Report Mar,2016-17      Download   

   DO Report Feb,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report Jan,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report Dec,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report Nov,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report Oct,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report Sep,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report Aug,2016-17      Download 

   DO Report July,2016-17       Download

   DO Report June,2016-17       Download 

   DO Report May,2016-17       Download

   DO Report April,2016-17       Download

   DO Report March,2015-16       Download

   DO Report February,2015-16    Download

   DO Report January,2015-16     Download  

   DO Report December,2015-16  Download

   DO Report November,2015-16  Download

   DO Report October,2015-16     Download

   DO Report September,2015-16 Download

   DO Report August,2015-16      Download

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